President Message

the Safety is a major demand that everyone wants to preserve the most precious thing we have. It is the spirit. The safety means have developed in the world because of the people’s need for these tools which are working to warn and mitigate as much as possible accidents. God bless us and you. we are in Hawagez Albena establishment has enough experience in the works of concrete fences Especially concrete and cement products in general to implement all the requirements of the construction sector projects and all civil works including the protection of buildings and public and private facilities.

Our aim is to continue to strengthen our services and projects with all the latest in the field of cement products and to find the best innovative solutions by combining the competencies and experiences of the current working group and our previous experience in this field. We also stand by the expectation and commitment to participate in the major projects contributing in the development and progressing of our dear country. Or through cooperation with local and foreign factories to obtain the latest production lines. This is the strategy of our organization to become a leading institution in the field of general contracting and private cement products.

God bless

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