Cement products factory in Riyadh

Cement products are the backbone of modern industries that have an effective role in progress and development. The cement industry is involved in many businesses, the most important of which is contracting, ie the field of construction and reconstruction. Cement factories employ a large number of workers, and this means that they have the ability to reduce unemployment, Hence the importance of the cement products factory in Riyadh .

Construction barriers factory cement products in Riyadh

All cement products are made of the following materials:

  • Holland – Behaton – Quadro – Hexagonal – Roomba – Uni – Delta – 3D tiles.
  • Tiles of all shapes, colors and sizes.
  • Path setting tiles.
  • Cement tiles, interlock and kerbstone.
  • Decorative cement tiles.
  • Spider tiles.
  • Berdoura in all its shapes and colors, whether agricultural or cement.
  • Grooved steam block for facades and fences, fire-resistant – soft, solid, insulated.
  • block letter u

The best cement products manufacturer

We also manufacture cement bricks that are used in construction, sidewalks, and all concrete construction works, whether solid or hollow. Old clay bricks “red bricks”

We also make heat-insulating cement bricks, and this is a new trend in construction that is used in the Kingdom because we have a very hot atmosphere, modern technology, and progress has been made possible by making cement bricks capable of insulating heat, or placing parts inside it that insulate heat, or pouring bricks with a certain density so that two layers of bricks are placed Between them is the thermal insulation, so it isolates the heat when building with it, reduces the temperature and absorbs a large part of it, so the building becomes environmentally friendly because it does not use many air conditioners.

Insulation is carried out through many methods, but there must be good bricks to help in the insulation process, and this is only available from a cement products factory in Riyadh.

stone cement products

  • We also have multi-colored stone-shaped cement products, we try to satisfy all tastes.
  • We also manufacture ready-made concrete that makes walls quickly, with strong durability, and the required thickness in order to fulfill the customer’s request
  • The factory manufactures all cement products for the infrastructure, prefabricated concrete, concrete pipes, box abras, concrete manholes, water fountains and electricity sources. We also manufacture concrete tanks that are in homes or palaces, and we insulate them.
  • Everything is made of cement, we manufacture it, the customer just brings the blueprint and we implement it.
  • If the customer wants, we work with qualified engineers who can develop a plan for you to implement it for you, and it will come out as best as possible.
  • We also use marble and granite in the manufacture of some types of tiles, which increases their beauty and quality, and makes them distinctive, with unparalleled colors, exceeding in their beauty all types of tiles I have seen before.

Selling cement products in Riyadh

The products of the cement products factory in Riyadh are used. It produces all cement products without exception, in all its shapes and colors, according to the specifications applied in the Kingdom and in the whole world, at competitive prices as customers return from us, as:

  • The cold fraction is not less than 250 kg/sq cm
  • Used as terminals for driveways, interior sidewalks and walkways
  • It is used as the boundary in the road between the main and secondary road
  • We have Al-Ojali and Medium in their sizes.

Cement products factory in Riyadh why is it unique?

  • We are not only distinguished by the diverse products that satisfy all tastes, nor the colors that would attract attention and go with different decors.
  • We are unique in technical cadres and trained manpower and our possession of the latest modern foreign technologies in the world in the world of cement products industry.
  • We also have many of the privileges provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with the Arab Gulf countries. We have customs exemptions in the Gulf countries, so our prices in those countries do not differ from our prices inside the Kingdom, and we also have a fleet of cars to bring the product to where the customer wants at the time which it determines.
  • We are also characterized by fast delivery and the ability to communicate with the customer around the clock in order to work at his convenience, to secure the quantities that the customer wants at any time.

Characteristics of a cement products factory in Riyadh :

  • Our products are economically priced because they are manufactured with good machinery and equipment, so no damage occurs in either the raw materials or the products.
  • A lot of the work we do through precise machines that are characterized by accuracy and quality, so the products come, and they work with modern technologies.
  • Our equipment is environmentally friendly, as it does not consume a lot of energy and does not cause pollution, like the rest of the factories that work in this field.
  • We offer a lot of templates to work with all the shapes you want as well as the colors you require.
  • The machines are mostly German-made, and because all the machines are computer-operated, all raw materials are measured accurately, with no room for error, so we guarantee our products fully, because we know its quality.

Customer testimonial for cement products factory in Riyadh

  • Everyone who has dealt with us knows that we are one of the oldest and best factories for cement products in the city of Riyadh, and indeed in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and everyone knows the role we play for construction and reconstruction. Our products are among the newest, strongest and best cement products.
  • We have worked in many giant projects, and all the clients we dealt with, attest to our efficiency in work, and the accuracy in delivering projects on time, because we own a fleet of machines, as well as a fleet of cars that transport products, and the cranes that carry them.
  • We also have workers who can deal with our products with skill and do the installation if this is the customer’s request, we provide him with this service.
  • Because of the quality of the products and with the encouragement of customers, we have participated in international exhibitions, and the cement products factory in Riyadh has been welcomed by everyone who thinks of the products that are not inferior in quality to international products, but rather often surpass them. We Arabs have our unique taste and dazzling designs.

Cement industry:

  • In order to know the importance of the concrete products factory in Riyadh , we must talk about the cement industry itself, to know the importance of the cement industry in the construction and reconstruction process, not only in Riyadh but in the whole Kingdom but the whole world. It is not possible to build with this solidity without it.
  • Cement is a hard, stony substance when mixed with water to bind all materials together and give a strong hardness, whether it binds iron or grains of sand or iron, and it is two types of watery and non-aqueous cement
  • Cement factories are often as a material near the areas of raw materials to facilitate the transportation process, and the raw materials are (limestone, clay, silicate sand, peroxide, gypsum, iron oxides).
  • It seems that the Kingdom has a promising future in this industry, as it increases production, which enables it to be exported. In the next few years, it will be competitive in this industry on which construction and reconstruction depend in various fields of life.

In the end, the officials in the Kingdom encourage the establishment of cement factories as well as factories of cement products to reach the position that the Kingdom deserves in this field.

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