Concrete barriers factory in Riyadh

Concrete barriers factory in Riyadh is characterized by providing many types of concrete barriers, which are among the basic and indispensable things in public roads, sea ports and airports as well. of concrete chairs, bumpers and other concrete tools that are indispensable in an area where construction, excavation, construction or traffic repairs are being carried out.

used concrete barriers

  • Concrete or plastic barriers are used primarily in separating roads or defining traffic lanes.
  • Concrete barriers are also used to redirect vehicular traffic on the roads and can also be used to protect pedestrians from the highway, whether it is a highway designated for motor vehicles or if repairs are being made on the road.
  • Concrete barriers are useful in preventing cars from deviating from the path of the road, or to keep cars away from dilapidated parts of the roads such as the top of bridges, or to keep them away from mountainous areas in the case of cars driving on desert roads.
  • One of the primary uses of concrete barriers is to protect public facilities from being exposed to the threat of car bombs.
  • The concrete barriers factory in Riyadh manufactures many types and sizes of concrete barriers.

concrete fenders

  • Concrete barriers factory in Riyadh sells different types of concrete products such as “concrete barriers, concrete fenders, concrete molds, road light poles bases, boat and marine fenders, concrete planting basins, concrete covers” at amazing prices.
  • The factory also manufactures fenders for facilities made of armored steel designed to protect facilities from car bombs. These fenders were the perfect solution and much better than concrete walls or large concrete barriers that obstruct traffic on the main streets.
  • Concrete fenders are mainly used in airports for their ability to block air force and aircraft sound from residential areas surrounding airports.

concrete barrier prices

  • Concrete barriers factory in Riyadh offers its products of concrete barriers and others at amazing prices, as the factory officials aim to provide their best products that maintain the safety of individuals and facilities at prices that suit everyone.
  • The factory offers new types of concrete barriers such as “concrete barriers, precast concrete road barriers, rock barriers, highway sound barriers, arch sound barriers, road barriers, water protection barriers, airport barriers, strong security barriers, cement flowerbeds, ball fenders Cosmetics for the road, New Jersey bumpers.
  • Competitive factory prices that you will not find in any company or factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • One of the most important features of the factory is the workforce trained by experts in the manufacture of concrete buildings. The factory is interested in training workers annually to learn the developments of the external market and keep abreast of all new developments.

concrete barriers for sale

  • There are many types of concrete barriers, most notably the “New Jersey Barrier”. This type of concrete barrier is used to separate roads or to delineate traffic paths.
  • The New Jersey barrier can also be used to protect people from the dangers of vehicles derailing and also to protect facilities.
  • New Jersey barriers are used to separate one area from another, or to guide the paths of the road. They are also used as infrastructure in large cities and can be machine-cast or fabricated in preparation workshops.
  • New Jersey barriers are very strong, so they can be used in desert areas with high temperatures. Excavation and excavation work is frequent in these areas, and some of them are close to public roads. Therefore, the need to use strong concrete barriers such as New Jersey barriers came.

Concrete barriers for sale in Jeddah

  • Riyadh is a residential city surrounded by residential buildings and public facilities as well, and there are industrial areas on its borders, so it is necessary to use concrete barriers of all kinds that help protect individuals from the dangers of road accidents.
  • The types of strong concrete fenders manufactured by the concrete barriers factory in Riyadh are suitable for multiple uses. These fenders are used on bridges that have cracks or fractures in the streets. They are also considered among the basic things not only in roads or bridges in tunnels as well, as they are used to isolate part of the tunnel. Which needs to be renovated, so the need for concrete barriers is one of the basics of the roads.

concrete chairs

  • Concrete chairs are mainly used in public facilities such as gardens and places where there is a lot of crowding, and it is one of the practical solutions to eliminate the problem of crowding.
  • One of the biggest problems facing concrete building factories is stability and lack of interaction with changing factors, but the concrete barriers factory in Riyadh was able to overcome this problem by developing raw materials manufactured for barriers and choosing new materials that are easy to use to manufacture strong concrete chairs.

concrete garden chairs

  • Concrete garden chairs is one of the latest products that the concrete barriers factory in Riyadh has recently implemented. Concrete chairs are used in many places crowded with people such as train stations and metro stations. They are also intended for public places that you may find in some resorts and residential communities.
  • There are many types of concrete chairs that are not only seats but also benches and armrests that are safe and equipped for people to use.
  • The lack of interaction of factory products, especially concrete chairs, with changing weather factors makes them the best choice for many, as you will not feel the heat of the weather in the summer or cold in the winter, as they are made of heat, moisture and water insulating materials as well.

Communication with a concrete barrier factory in Riyadh

Now you can get the factory’s latest products by sending messages to the factory’s pages on social networking sites:

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You can also contact the factory numbers available on the social media pages.

Factory product features

  • The factory’s products are distinguished by their strength, as they are manufactured from the best materials approved by major international companies and recommended by the Saudi Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • The external structure of the factory products is characterized by its rigidity and non-reaction to the changing climate factors with the change of seasons, as it is not affected by sand, rain or car exhaust.
  • Versatile and suitable for use in public and indoor spaces, as it can be used in garages, highways and airports.
  • The factory is interested in developing products and the reason is due to the customers’ confidence in the quality of the wonderful products, as many contractors are keen to deal with the factory to purchase its distinctive products.
  • The products have been proven in many different accidents and accidents, as they are used to repel the air in airports and the rise in the water level in the ports and to protect the facilities from explosions that may damage the first floors of buildings.
  • The efforts of the factory were crowned with success thanks to providing the best service to customers in Riyadh and other regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Today’s article discussed the best products of the concrete barriers factory in Riyadh, such as concrete barriers, concrete chairs, fenders and flowerbeds as well. To contact the factory, visit the factory’s pages on social media.

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