Ready-made fences factory in Riyadh

Ready-made fences factory in Riyadh is the best in this field because it provides all kinds of concrete works based on the finest materials that can be produced through the production of concrete barriers, security barriers, construction barriers, road barriers, concrete chairs, bumpers and other fences that can be obtained at prices outside competition.

Ready-made fences factory in Riyadh

The ready-made fences factory in Riyadh manufactures and supplies all concrete fences of all shapes and types. It also designs special designs according to customer requests. It also provides installation services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Advantages of ready-made fences factory in Riyadh

  • It depends on the latest machines and devices that provide the possibility of designing many different shapes in many sizes to suit all places.
  • It relied on a highly experienced team in this field that can deal with all types with high efficiency.
  • Complete the required tasks in a short period of time at the highest level.
  • It provides excellent customer service to answer all inquiries, answer all questions throughout the day, and provide many advice.
  • Quick response to customers in all places.
  • It offers the service at affordable prices for everyone in addition to offering a lot of offers and discounts.
  • It seeks to meet all needs by providing all types and shapes of concrete.

What is precast?

There are a number of people who do not know much information about precast, which is the form of construction in which concrete is poured into the mold, provided that the mold is prepared for reuse, through which many forms can be designed, including the concrete frame, concrete floors, and concrete wall.

Advantages of precast fences

It is a form of modern construction that has spread recently and has found a great demand due to its many features, which are as follows:

  • It helps in saving the time spent on construction, which helps in building buildings in the least time.
  • It provides high quality materials, which means relying on elements that improve the quality of construction.
  • Precast high density, it is characterized by durability and strength, and this is what the ready-made fences factory in Riyadh is keen on and provides it in different shapes and sizes.
  • Its cost is lower compared to other types, and it is available in multiple colors to suit all tastes.
  • Safe and easy to use as well as its quality, precast concrete construction provides cleanliness within the site.
  • Not requiring a lot of manpower in the workplace.
  • Precast provides more space compared to traditional concrete, as precast contains fewer columns and beams, which helps to provide more space inside the work site.

Precast concrete

Ready-made fences factory in Riyadh provides many types of precast, which is a unique opportunity to build projects in an economical, fast and high-quality manner.

  • Works of a ready-made fences factory in Riyadh
  • Prefabricated fences factory in Riyadh offers a lot of works, including:
  • Precast Stone Concrete Walls
  • Ready Mix Concrete Wall Insulators
  • Precast concrete security walls
  • Ready-to-build concrete walls
  • Ready-made smooth concrete walls
  • Prefab Decorative Concrete Fences
  • Ready Mix Concrete Walls
  • Ready brick walls
  • Concrete walls for private housing
  • Storm Resistant Precast Concrete Walls
  • Precast concrete walls made of bricks
  • Concrete fencing ready for design

 Kinds of Precast

Prefabricated Fences Factory in Riyadh offers several types of precast walls or precast concrete walls, including:

curtain walls

Also called cladding or curtain walls, it contains units, panels, window dividers, and rotary columns, which are non-load bearing walls that have been designated to resist the wind and encapsulate the space.

shear walls

Shear walls are used for the purpose of giving a parallel frame when connecting it to the activity of the equipment, regardless of the development of floors.

Characteristics of precast concrete walls 

Ready-made fences are available with several characteristics, including:

  • Heat resistance: One of the most important things about precast is its resistance to high temperatures.
  • Moisture protection: Helps reduce moisture, and the reason for this is that structural parts such as columns and internal belts are not structurally connected to the walls, in addition to being leak-proof and working to maintain the homogeneity of the walls and sealants.
  • Fire-safe: One of the components of Precast is that it contains fire-resistant materials.
  • Durability and Strength: It is manufactured from high quality materials, which makes it more efficient in resisting natural factors.
  • Sound insulation: Precast walls help prevent noise and transmit external sound into the building

Types of concrete molds

There are different types used by the ready-made fences factory in Riyadh to produce many shapes due to the need for many types of buildings. The materials also differ according to the concrete molds, and the types of molds are as follows:

  • Metal mold: High-pressure concrete molds are used because of their high strength, in addition to the compatibility of the components used in this type with the purpose for which they were manufactured. The metal molds used for the roof differ from the metal molds used in columns and foundations.
  • Wooden molds: These molds are smaller than the size of metal molds and are characterized by lightness in weight and flexibility, whether in design or implementation on the ground, which makes many individuals accept their use, and these wooden molds also differ on the type of wood used.
  • Plastic mold: It is one of the concrete molds used, many materials are used in these molds, including “polyethylene, fiberglass, which is strong flexibility, and it is versatile, and it can be chosen for any project with ease.
  • Brick mould: Brick moulds are characterized by stability and hydration.

Precast disadvantages

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but the most prominent disadvantages of prefabricated fences are as follows:

  • A study must be done before starting the implementation using Precast.
  • Precast needs transportation, which results in increased costs for the project.
  • Taking appropriate precautions to deal with this ready-made concrete, as it differs from traditional concrete, which is large in size and heavy in weight, unlike precast, which is light in weight, which makes it highly susceptible to damage, and is also used by specialized cranes to deal with it.
  • Difficult to modify, because any attempt to modify will affect it greatly, if the structural wall of the precast is dismantled for modification, it will affect the overall stability of the structure.
  • In the absence of good supervision during the process of assembling the precast, it affects the durability and strength of the structure, so it is necessary to supervise the precast to ensure its implementation in the required and ideal manner, because the error when manufacturing it may lead to defects such as water leakage and lack of sound insulation, but the fences factory is ready in Riyadh This is well monitored to manufacture the best quality and best quality.
  • Precast is not used for small projects, but for large projects that have standardized designs such as factories, large stadiums, auditoriums, factories, and airports.

Ready-made fences factory in Riyadh is considered one of the best factories specialized in this field, as it depends on the best types of raw materials and distinctive molds that are flexible and quality in design, as well as reasonable prices for all.

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