Prefabricated ceilings factory in Riyadh

In the beginning, we must know what is the factory of prefabricated ceilings in Riyadh , which is a large factory in which precast concrete panels are produced, which are used in ceilings, and the factory also produces vertical wall panels as well as horizontal wall panels, as well as panels Interior partitions, as well as the production of ceiling panels and floor panels with the bases of fences and midribs, as well as the production of building facades with the presence of lintels and canopies.

Prefabricated roof factory services in Riyadh

For these services carried out by the Prefabricated Ceilings Factory in Riyadh , the demands for the purchase of prefabricated concrete panels increased, and they have now become one of the basic elements for the construction and building process to take place, and due to the many advantages found in prefabricated ceilings, they are now used in all construction projects, whether public or private.

The components of the prefabricated ceilings factory in Riyadh

  • Architects make design considerations in order to avoid the use of prefabricated ceilings, because they believe that they represent molds and are also expensive and at the same time unknown and must be handled with caution in the external appearance of the connections or connections, as well as caution in the absence of water leakage through the joints of the components .
  • Considerations must be made for the site, because care should be taken to match the floor of the site with the movement of heavy vehicles. It should also know how the cranes move with the presence of cranes that represent heavy loads, and also determine the storage area, as well as knowing the extent of the risk that can arise from neighboring properties during handling. .
  • Also, consideration must be given to the cost, because the cost of construction and building is an expensive issue. Therefore, prefabricated roofs are considered less expensive than traditional building work, which is manufactured by a prefabricated roof factory in Riyadh and is produced in large and abundant quantities.

The prefabricated ceilings factory in Riyadh is also constructing Holocor concrete ceilings, which is a prefabricated concrete ceiling that has been manufactured under high pressure and high temperature, and this ceiling is made in the form of strips.

Features of Holocorium Bishops

Holocor ceilings are characterized by high efficiency, in addition to the presence of high quality concrete as well. They are quick to install, and they are also highly resistant so that water or chloride salts do not run out of them. They are also fast, as the finishing can be finished immediately after installation, and its cost is less than the cost of pouring ordinary ceilings, as well as It can also be used as flooring which saves time, money and effort.

Fabrication of a complete house structure from ceiling and walls

  • The factory manufactures the entire house from the ceiling and walls, from prefabricated ceilings using prefabricated concrete, so that it will have a longer life with the presence of a thermal insulation area, and this area is double that of the block walls, and the destination is also covered in a way that lasts a long time.
  • The facade of the prefabricated house is covered in a way that preserves its luster for very long periods, and this facade is made of prefabricated concrete, and these facades are made of sand, which causes the formation of its color from a mixture of concrete colors, which consists of gravel with sand with water with cement and these materials are all materials Natural and it also does not change its color for long periods, and with these natural materials, the facades of houses remain with their attractive luster.
  • Construction of wet rooms with prefabricated ceilings and walls

This is because the bathroom, as well as the kitchen, and the laundry room are manufactured with high-precision and high-quality specifications, where pipes are installed and all waterproofing tasks are put in place. A waterproofing test is also done. Porcelain is also installed, and all sanitary appliances are installed with a pressure test. Water in the bathroom while also testing the sewer pipes.

When the prefabricated ceilings factory constructs the bathrooms, it follows all the necessary steps to complete the complete waterproofing, with all the tests required for this insulation done on time, through the use of an engineering design device that includes the most efficient design engineers in various prefabricated concrete works in addition to the presence of supervision High quality engineering in precast concrete works.

The presence of a complete prefabricated electricity network

This network works to provide full protection for all family members, with a low electricity bill, and also a low maintenance and repair work bill. Connect the wires to each other by means of an adhesive tape, and this connection is in a very secure way.

Benefits of using a prefabricated electrical grid

  • When using this network there is a much higher degree of safety than the traditional method when building electrical networks in the home.
  • This network also reduces power outages a lot with less need for permanent repair in order to reduce inconvenience while saving the cost of repair.

How does the prefabricated ceiling technology work?

  • This modern technology is done through the presence of cooperation between architects, suppliers and construction workers because it represents an integrated process and it represents an integrated model unit and is used for building ceilings, as well as floor plans are developed with the presence in addition to the existence of the adoption of these measurements for their suitability to the required spaces and also measurements approved.
  • There are also ready-made units that are widely used in light construction and are known as roof truss. These ceilings are manufactured and stored according to the angle of the horizontal length, and ducts are also built for electrical wires to pass through, as well as their channels, as well as plumbing and ventilation.
  • This technology saves time as well as effort, and therefore the importance of this technology increases, especially in large construction operations such as establishing universities as well as university cities and also medical complexes. Therefore, traditional construction cannot compete with this progress in accomplishing tasks and also in providing advantages.
  • Despite all these advantages offered by the factory of prefabricated ceilings, some defects may appear in the manufacturing process, and this happens as a result of the many responsibilities, because the design is put in one place and the manufacturing is done in another place, and this manufacturing or installation is also carried out in another place .
  • If this factory performs the design and manufacturing process in the same place, it will overcome any potential errors and these errors can be avoided by the quality and follow-up engineer who does this by monitoring the standards as well as through the quality requirements that are also compatible with the Saudi building code. These factories collect It also assembles its components in factories away from the place of construction.

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